The designer’s aesthetic from interiors to jewels, is simply stunning: Sculptural, modern, and completely original…  At any scale, his work is both revolutionary and inspirational.

Made in Spain: A-CERO

A-cero is a Spanish architecture and urban design studio established by Architects Joaquín Torres & Rafael Llamazares, with offices in Madrid, La Coruña and Dubai. They were first recognized for their use of clean lines and sculptural forms in single-family residential projects in Spain, but have recently been involved in more complex international projects.

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Scents with History and Architecture: ARQUISTE

With a background in Architecture and Historic Preservation from universities in Spain, Mexico City, and New York City, Carlos Huber has taken his longtime love of fragrance, applied his other loves: history and art, and merged them together to form Arquiste Parfumeur, his new line of luxury fragrances. With an immaculate attention to detail, Huber joined with two top Givaudan perfumers to create a range of six unisex perfumes. Each scent is an olfactive interpretation of an exact moment in history that is meticulously researched and finely tuned. Arquiste’s debut collection of six distinct scents take us from Aztec temples (circa 1400) to a 17th-century encounter between European royals.              

–  Mark David Boberek, The Perfume Magazine


“I’ve always been very connected to my nose and every time I would do research on a building or city for work I would come across an anecdote, a part of the story, where I would think “What did it smell like?” – Carlos Huber


Time Travel in a Bottle: 6 Transportive Scents from ARQUISTE

Urban design is the language of the city


The cities we live in are shaped by many components that come together through time, forever changing with the passing of each decade and century. They shape the way we carry out our daily lives and have a direct impact on our quality of life. Urbanized, a documentary film by Gary Hustwit, goes deep into the root of what makes up the modern city and where this concept is headed, exploring both the challenges and promises facing some of the world’s important cities. Featuring Sir Norman Foster, Rem Koolhaas and Oscar Niemeyer, this film is definitely worth checking out.

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