New Music Tuesday: WILD NOTHING

Artist: Wild Nothing

Album: Gemini

Release Date: May 25, 2010

Record Label: Captured Tracks


Wild Nothing is the solo-project of Jack Tatum, whose music is inspired by a longtime love affair with nostalgia. His debut full length album, Gemini, released through Captured Tracks, is full of dreamy, carefree synth-pop songs that linger with an inexplicable sense of regret.

Prior to embarking on this recent solo-project, Tatum sang and played guitar with the Abe Vigodaish, tropical punk band Facepaint and the singer/songwriter project Jack and The Whale. In the summer of 2009, the Virginia tech-college student decided to embark on his first creative-solo project playing bass, guitar, synthesizer and drums while recording in his home-studio. He soon emerged with a unique brand of dreamy pop-songs influenced by bands like My Bloody Valentine, Shop Assistants, Go-Betweens and Cocteau Twins. In 2009 he delivered a memorable cover of the Kate Bush song Cloudbusting, making it clear that Wild Nothing transcended the lo-fi pop-mold.

On his debut album, Gemini, Tatumʼs frail vocals come warped in an oozing neon haze. Carefully orchestrated synth-pop arrangements, trebly guitar riffs and tattered drum machines blend together to create an intriguing,texturally rich glo-pop album that could come only from the young at heart.

The official video for the single Chinatown gathers footage from a 1969 short film called Clown, from director Richard Balducci. The result is a re-contextualization that’s striking and surprisingly apt: Guy Suzuki’s cinematography shifts the focus from Chinatown to the terraces of Montmartre in Paris. The song’s smeared sunlight pairs with the yellowed clips perfectly, resulting in a nostalgic and beautiful video that evokes memories of childhood.

“One of a kind
I need to keep you here
I need to picture you still
I need to clear the fog”  – Chinatown by Wild Nothing



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